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Study God's word to gain wisdom, guidance, and understanding of his will for our lives. It brings us closer to God, strengthens our faith and equips us to live a life that honors him. It transforms us to be more like Jesus and helps us to navigate the challenges of this world.

Bible Study Course

How familiar are you with the Bible? We offer a FREE 6-lesson Bible study course, either online or through the mail. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a FREE Bible. This course is designed to help deepen your understanding and appreciation of the Bible.

Plan your visit

Experience the warmth of God's people and the power of his word by planning your visit to God's church. Learn about service times, directions and what to expect. Join us for worship, and spiritual growth.

12 Reasons Why You Should Investigate The Church Of Christ:

With so many different churches existing in the world today, with conflicting doctrines, you may be wondering why it’s important that Jesus Christ should be the builder and foundation of the church.


Worship with us!

Please join us for our weekly service every Sunday at 10:30am.


We are a Christian assembly located in Abilene, Texas. We believe in the inspiration of the Bible and follow its teachings and ordinances. We see Jesus Christ as the one true Messiah and work to spread the Gospel.


We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God with the power to change people who approach it with an open mind and heart. We invite you to study and meditate on the Bible with us and welcome any questions or assistance in understanding it.

with Evangelist Brett Hickey

Sundays @ 7:30 am on KXVA Fox 15 Abilene, TX

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